Be Brave

Remember the dialogue in the movie Shawshank Redemption when Andy Dufresne says hope is the best of things? Yes, that be the word of a man who was gonna rot in prison probably for the rest of his life. Yet he got out and made a life for himself. What changed? He hoped. He hoped for a better life. His unshaken hope got him through his sufferings. For to get the life you want, you gonna have to have the kind of belief others cant even dream of possessing. Thats how you show you deserve it more than anyone else.

Below is a little something similar to what I tell myself if I ever find myself wishing I be dead. Although I got a good foothold from a Hollywood movie for this post, I did add my bit so that it be my words that I write.

May you always find the strength to get up everytime you fall down.

Do not go quiet into the night.

I say,

Do not fall silent without a fight.

Let the night be the darkness

And the light be the blinding fear.
May your voice drown in madness

And your fights end in nothingness.
May the stabs bleed you out

And the pain beat you down.
Let your heart crumble away

And hopes sink like paper boats.
And when you are done dying

Get up and fight.
For the darkness dont scare

Nor the pain
For the bleeding dont kill

Nor the sorrow
For you, my love,

 Are all the bravery

Folktales talk of.

Have a good night people. Sleep tight for all is well when you believe it is.


When ‘life’ befalls living..

Today is the World Poetry Day and I’m  proud to call myself a poet and honoured to live in the shadows of an art that boasts the likes of Blake and Frost and Shakespeare and e.e.cummings. For most people poetry is beauty. For some, its like a form of an escape from this chaos of living. For me, poetry is a way of life. I wake up with poetry and I end the day with it.

Poetry makes me feel superior because it is an art that is most impossible. It makes me feel inferior because it is an art that is most impossible.

The girl on her toe tip

Swiveled like a top

As her pain melted

On the warm wooden floor.


The man on the saddle

Glided along the tarmac

As the wind devoured

His erupting tears.


The woman on the ledge

Peered onto the wilderness

Stretching beyond the horizon

Setting her heart at peace.


Passion is the angel

Guarding our heart and soul

Against this terrible, terrible storm

Called life.


Like this man, sitting

With a pen and a thought

Reliving moments, rekindling feelings,

Seeking hope to keep going.


The above is the sole work of the author and no part of it has been reproduced from any source anywhere.


Dying yet Undead

Everytime I write, I try to paint a poetic picture of a very grim, very sober reality. But just this once, this is exactly as poetic as it got and I felt not the need to make it any more poetic.

Awaiting the darkest hour

I felt an emptiness

When the engine began chugging away

Taking my world with it

I could not help but stare

At perhaps the only true thing I know

The contours of your cheeks

Smiling a sad song you cant conceal

Eyes boring into me like

the gaze of the Lord Almighty.

As I brace myself for

The waves of loneliness

To take over

Tossing, turning, spinning me

Crumbling from within

As I attempt

To regain my life

While life attempts

To regain me.


Once again I dont need to reinforce on the seemingly unshakeable fact that I dont plagiarise but then its this mundane routine every blogger needs to follow for the sake of it.


Living in a Chimera (Finally the 50th!!)

Knowing me like I do, I never expected to last this long! 3 years and 50 posts ago I started writing with absolutely no dream or aspirations. 50 posts later, I still got no dream or aspirations. But what I got is this genuine love or in my case, lust for writing which has greatly developed over the years. And I’m glad to be bound by this love. I lived through 3 years and over a 100 posts of happy, sad, depressed and angry moments that have made me better than I ever wanted to be.

I wish to offer my thanks to the Gods of writing and words and I pray that I always have the mind and heart to write my way through any ordeal.


I wish to dedicate this post to the one person who has made it all possible, the same person who is the one behind this post.


When my life grows numb

And my heart grows cold.

When my eyes grow lifeless

And my soul, breathless.

The skies shall split asunder

The trembling earth beneath,

Giving way to surreal realities

And we shall descend from the stars

Waltzing onto the earth

Under the gleaming moonlight

Covered in the stardust

Of love and this heartbreak

Called love.

A love that shall live

In my flawed imagination

For an eternity.


Like always, this is a work of the blog owner and no part of it has been copied from anywhere.




‘The Mona Lisa that is us’

I’m happier with this piece of work than anyone else ever can be. This proves that the writer me is not dead yet.

A pinch of Ernest Hemingway’s “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know” and an emotional listen to the ‘Carnival of Rust’ by ‘Poets of the Fall’ made this happen.

Fells so good to be back!


Life dawdles on

Like the milestones by the highway

The world matter but nothing

As I sit here and wonder

The moments that froze for me

The moments that froze me

Like the thin icicles hanging

From a mountain of your memories

The warmth of your touch

Melting me to a teardrop

That fades within a portrait

Of you and me.

And this memory.



The above is not a work of fiction but a true work from the abyss of the blog owner’s heart. 

A Utopia called Writing

The last time I came anywhere close to writing was in October, over a month and a half ago. I needed this break because I was concerned. I was concerned that writing kept me away from people. Because when I write, I sit alone with a pen and a paper and when I am not writing, I sit alone with my thoughts. I became so engrossed with thoughts that I started skipping my food and isolating myself to have that much needed peace.

So here I’m. I’m coming back home!

There was this great American (Yes, he is no more!) by the name Ernest Hemingway who once said, ‘There is nothing to writing. All you have to do is to sit at a typewriter and bleed’.

Frozen  thoughts haunting,

And unsaid words taunting,

As I clenched my pen,

To bleed.


The reality vanishing,

And my senses banishing,

As I clenched my pen,

To bleed.


The soul growing warm,

And my mind going numb,

As I clenched my pen,

To bleed.


The world becomes a shadow,

And its people, hollow,

As I clenched my pen,

To bleed.


Happiness rushing in,

And the tears gushing out,

As I clenched my pen,

To bleed.


To bleed my literal heart out.

The above is an attempt by the author to try and capture the emotions every writer experiences when sits down to write. No part of it has been reproduced from anywhere. 

The Liebster Award- A True Honor!


So, this is something new! I’ve never once thought for a moment that I’d be nominated for something this awesome!

I guess this is perhaps the proudest moment of my life as a blogger! I don’t think I need to send up a post saying that I accept it because I’m feeling honored now, to have been nominated.  And Apeksha! Well I don’t really know her but I do know ‘The Own of Minerva’! I’m actually reading her bio as I write this and I guess I find it more complex than her poems! I like complex people because they are so amazing because they see the world though a kaleidoscope rather than the God given two eyes that us normal people utilize. And I see her beauty in her words. If you ask me to describe her in one word, I’d say ‘prodigy’! Read her posts and you’ll see why. Ask me if you didn’t fall in love with her words instantly. What I write feels like a Times New Roman to me. Her each line looks like those beautiful cursive fonts that I hope to achieve someday! I feel proud to have people like her reading my posts and I would like to thank her with all my heart for nominating me. It helped me in more ways that she can ever know!

I would like to apologise for one issue though. I spent a good part of yesterday and today trying to discover upcoming blogs and I have to declare with regrets that I could come up with not more than 4. So, I would be taking some more time to identify more blogs and then I would continue with the tradition. I would be editing this blog and reposting it. Really sorry for the inconvenience!

So ten random facts about myself! This should be interesting, for you and for me!

  1. I once failed in an English exam which motivated me to start reading and as time flew by, here I’m, blogging my days away!


  1. More than blogs and novels, I love quotes. Those two liners that can shake up a life in an instance!


  1. I have what you would call a ‘strong mood swing issue’. So, I’m extremely unpredictable and people try to avoid conversations with me for the fear of catching me in a wrong mood.


  1. I don’t know what I love. I don’t know what I like. I don’t know what I want. So, I don’t really know how my friends manage me!


  1. I have this very weird dream of just running off someday to this random place where no one would recognize me. I have this strong intuition that I’d find the true meaning of my life there!


  1. Contradicting fact number four, I did love one thing (maybe not a thing) and I screwed up. You know how life is these days!


  1. I’m doing my MBA right now and I really don’t want to follow in the footsteps of Chetan Bhagat. Everyone around me keeps telling me that I’d end up as an author or something, just like him. I don’t want to end up like him. I hate him. No offense meant.


  1. I’m probably the kind who’d give more attention to a really cool superbike than a hot girl.(And that’s true).


  1. My friends don’t know me. At all.


  1. It took me two actual days to come up with something worthy to write here and I’m still not happy about how I filled in this space!


And now to the answering Apeksha’s Questions Part!

Tell me the last time when you cried without a sensible reason!

A couple of hours ago, I was watching some videos of dogs and cats and I have absolutely no idea why I burst out!


You can survive without water but not without _____________________ (?)



What’s your best post ever? The one which was an amazing hit and you don’t think you’ll ever be able to beat that. It’s about your satisfaction, not the number of view and likes!

I would really want to say ‘Scarred’ mostly because its about feelings I go through each day but my favorite would be ‘As Time Flies’, a short fiction which I wrote about three months ago.


When you reach heaven, and God asks you what good did you do on earth in these years, then what will be your answer?

I can say about all the times I’ve spent helping people, people I’ve known and people I’ve never met before. But I don’t know. I never felt good while doing that. I felt happy. I felt good every time I read something or come up with some good stuff.

I’d probably say becoming a blogger was perhaps the only good thing I ever did, apart from my little love story.


What’s your catch phrase?

‘Just go with the flow called life’


Arrange these on the basis of your priority:- (The most important on the top)

Eating, sleeping, writing, blogging, reading, work (whatever it is, job etc.), chit-chats.




Long Rides (please do swap that with chit-chats. Was never a fan of meaningless chats.)

Eating, (Don’t really know whether to put eating on top or sleeping on top. Don’t like them both)



Do you enjoy breaking rules?

Yes, the thrill of almost screwing up is exhilarating!


Are you somebody whom we can call an ‘optimist’?

I’m optimistic to anyone who comes for my counsel. But I’m not optimistic towards myself.


Who all will be invited to your dream party? (Superstars and all)

The Joker!!! (Heath Ledger)

Jack Sparrow

Chandler Bing (He can bring Joey along too)

The Wolverine

The guy who started ‘Humans of New York’

Scarlett Johnsson

Megan Fox

Emilia Clarke


Have you ever wondered of meeting any blogger personally?

That would be amazing! Actually, I’ve thought about something like this lot of times. And it would be simply awesome to meet an actual blogger and have a wonderful conversation with a hot cup of coffee.


Did you like the above questions? (Okay, you guessed right. I couldn’t think of more questions)

Lol! It was totally cool! Maybe a 11 out of 10 rating 😀




1. Thank the blog who nominated you and link back to them

 2. Make a blog post telling 10 facts about you

3. Answer the 10 questions from the blog who nominated you

4. Prepare 11 questions for those you will nominate

5. Nominate 11 new bloggers (those who have less than 200 followers) by commenting in one of their blog posts



And now to the part where I have to ask the questions!

  1. What made you a blogger?
  2. If you were to be stranded on an uninhabited island with exactly one book with you, what book would it be?
  3. If you want to travel to this one place in earth, what would it be?
  4. If you were to suggest to me one movie that I must watch before I die, what would it be?
  5. Taking about dying, how do you wish to end your life?
  6. If the world were to fall into total anarchy and there is no social order and everything is legal and no law can punish you for anything that you do, what would you want to do?
  7. The fictional character you hate and why? (Exceptions include Dolores Umbridge and Joffrey Baratheon)
  8. What is that one thing you’d give up blogging for?
  9. One word that could describe you is
  10. Tell me one crazy thing you did that makes you laugh everytime you think about it.
  11. Do you find coming up with questions as such hard?