Dying yet Undead

Everytime I write, I try to paint a poetic picture of a very grim, very sober reality. But just this once, this is exactly as poetic as it got and I felt not the need to make it any more poetic.

Awaiting the darkest hour

I felt an emptiness

When the engine began chugging away

Taking my world with it

I could not help but stare

At perhaps the only true thing I know

The contours of your cheeks

Smiling a sad song you cant conceal

Eyes boring into me like

the gaze of the Lord Almighty.

As I brace myself for

The waves of loneliness

To take over

Tossing, turning, spinning me

Crumbling from within

As I attempt

To regain my life

While life attempts

To regain me.


Once again I dont need to reinforce on the seemingly unshakeable fact that I dont plagiarise but then its this mundane routine every blogger needs to follow for the sake of it.



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