Living in a Chimera (Finally the 50th!!)

Knowing me like I do, I never expected to last this long! 3 years and 50 posts ago I started writing with absolutely no dream or aspirations. 50 posts later, I still got no dream or aspirations. But what I got is this genuine love or in my case, lust for writing which has greatly developed over the years. And I’m glad to be bound by this love. I lived through 3 years and over a 100 posts of happy, sad, depressed and angry moments that have made me better than I ever wanted to be.

I wish to offer my thanks to the Gods of writing and words and I pray that I always have the mind and heart to write my way through any ordeal.


I wish to dedicate this post to the one person who has made it all possible, the same person who is the one behind this post.


When my life grows numb

And my heart grows cold.

When my eyes grow lifeless

And my soul, breathless.

The skies shall split asunder

The trembling earth beneath,

Giving way to surreal realities

And we shall descend from the stars

Waltzing onto the earth

Under the gleaming moonlight

Covered in the stardust

Of love and this heartbreak

Called love.

A love that shall live

In my flawed imagination

For an eternity.


Like always, this is a work of the blog owner and no part of it has been copied from anywhere.





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