‘The Mona Lisa that is us’

I’m happier with this piece of work than anyone else ever can be. This proves that the writer me is not dead yet.

A pinch of Ernest Hemingway’s “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know” and an emotional listen to the ‘Carnival of Rust’ by ‘Poets of the Fall’ made this happen.

Fells so good to be back!


Life dawdles on

Like the milestones by the highway

The world matter but nothing

As I sit here and wonder

The moments that froze for me

The moments that froze me

Like the thin icicles hanging

From a mountain of your memories

The warmth of your touch

Melting me to a teardrop

That fades within a portrait

Of you and me.

And this memory.



The above is not a work of fiction but a true work from the abyss of the blog owner’s heart. 


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