The Liebster Award- A True Honor!


So, this is something new! I’ve never once thought for a moment that I’d be nominated for something this awesome!

I guess this is perhaps the proudest moment of my life as a blogger! I don’t think I need to send up a post saying that I accept it because I’m feeling honored now, to have been nominated.  And Apeksha! Well I don’t really know her but I do know ‘The Own of Minerva’! I’m actually reading her bio as I write this and I guess I find it more complex than her poems! I like complex people because they are so amazing because they see the world though a kaleidoscope rather than the God given two eyes that us normal people utilize. And I see her beauty in her words. If you ask me to describe her in one word, I’d say ‘prodigy’! Read her posts and you’ll see why. Ask me if you didn’t fall in love with her words instantly. What I write feels like a Times New Roman to me. Her each line looks like those beautiful cursive fonts that I hope to achieve someday! I feel proud to have people like her reading my posts and I would like to thank her with all my heart for nominating me. It helped me in more ways that she can ever know!

I would like to apologise for one issue though. I spent a good part of yesterday and today trying to discover upcoming blogs and I have to declare with regrets that I could come up with not more than 4. So, I would be taking some more time to identify more blogs and then I would continue with the tradition. I would be editing this blog and reposting it. Really sorry for the inconvenience!

So ten random facts about myself! This should be interesting, for you and for me!

  1. I once failed in an English exam which motivated me to start reading and as time flew by, here I’m, blogging my days away!


  1. More than blogs and novels, I love quotes. Those two liners that can shake up a life in an instance!


  1. I have what you would call a ‘strong mood swing issue’. So, I’m extremely unpredictable and people try to avoid conversations with me for the fear of catching me in a wrong mood.


  1. I don’t know what I love. I don’t know what I like. I don’t know what I want. So, I don’t really know how my friends manage me!


  1. I have this very weird dream of just running off someday to this random place where no one would recognize me. I have this strong intuition that I’d find the true meaning of my life there!


  1. Contradicting fact number four, I did love one thing (maybe not a thing) and I screwed up. You know how life is these days!


  1. I’m doing my MBA right now and I really don’t want to follow in the footsteps of Chetan Bhagat. Everyone around me keeps telling me that I’d end up as an author or something, just like him. I don’t want to end up like him. I hate him. No offense meant.


  1. I’m probably the kind who’d give more attention to a really cool superbike than a hot girl.(And that’s true).


  1. My friends don’t know me. At all.


  1. It took me two actual days to come up with something worthy to write here and I’m still not happy about how I filled in this space!


And now to the answering Apeksha’s Questions Part!

Tell me the last time when you cried without a sensible reason!

A couple of hours ago, I was watching some videos of dogs and cats and I have absolutely no idea why I burst out!


You can survive without water but not without _____________________ (?)



What’s your best post ever? The one which was an amazing hit and you don’t think you’ll ever be able to beat that. It’s about your satisfaction, not the number of view and likes!

I would really want to say ‘Scarred’ mostly because its about feelings I go through each day but my favorite would be ‘As Time Flies’, a short fiction which I wrote about three months ago.


When you reach heaven, and God asks you what good did you do on earth in these years, then what will be your answer?

I can say about all the times I’ve spent helping people, people I’ve known and people I’ve never met before. But I don’t know. I never felt good while doing that. I felt happy. I felt good every time I read something or come up with some good stuff.

I’d probably say becoming a blogger was perhaps the only good thing I ever did, apart from my little love story.


What’s your catch phrase?

‘Just go with the flow called life’


Arrange these on the basis of your priority:- (The most important on the top)

Eating, sleeping, writing, blogging, reading, work (whatever it is, job etc.), chit-chats.




Long Rides (please do swap that with chit-chats. Was never a fan of meaningless chats.)

Eating, (Don’t really know whether to put eating on top or sleeping on top. Don’t like them both)



Do you enjoy breaking rules?

Yes, the thrill of almost screwing up is exhilarating!


Are you somebody whom we can call an ‘optimist’?

I’m optimistic to anyone who comes for my counsel. But I’m not optimistic towards myself.


Who all will be invited to your dream party? (Superstars and all)

The Joker!!! (Heath Ledger)

Jack Sparrow

Chandler Bing (He can bring Joey along too)

The Wolverine

The guy who started ‘Humans of New York’

Scarlett Johnsson

Megan Fox

Emilia Clarke


Have you ever wondered of meeting any blogger personally?

That would be amazing! Actually, I’ve thought about something like this lot of times. And it would be simply awesome to meet an actual blogger and have a wonderful conversation with a hot cup of coffee.


Did you like the above questions? (Okay, you guessed right. I couldn’t think of more questions)

Lol! It was totally cool! Maybe a 11 out of 10 rating 😀




1. Thank the blog who nominated you and link back to them

 2. Make a blog post telling 10 facts about you

3. Answer the 10 questions from the blog who nominated you

4. Prepare 11 questions for those you will nominate

5. Nominate 11 new bloggers (those who have less than 200 followers) by commenting in one of their blog posts



And now to the part where I have to ask the questions!

  1. What made you a blogger?
  2. If you were to be stranded on an uninhabited island with exactly one book with you, what book would it be?
  3. If you want to travel to this one place in earth, what would it be?
  4. If you were to suggest to me one movie that I must watch before I die, what would it be?
  5. Taking about dying, how do you wish to end your life?
  6. If the world were to fall into total anarchy and there is no social order and everything is legal and no law can punish you for anything that you do, what would you want to do?
  7. The fictional character you hate and why? (Exceptions include Dolores Umbridge and Joffrey Baratheon)
  8. What is that one thing you’d give up blogging for?
  9. One word that could describe you is
  10. Tell me one crazy thing you did that makes you laugh everytime you think about it.
  11. Do you find coming up with questions as such hard?





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