About two years ago I started this blog off believing that it would hold the thoughts of my heart, the deepest emotions that I would face as each day unfolds. But time and again, I’ve put up such a convincing facade that I’ve deceived everybody, including myself about what really gets to me.

Now, let me make up for it by sharing  my single most precious emotion, the one memory that I hold closer to my heart than anything else in this world.

I usually dedicate all my posts to you but this, this is something I cant dedicate to you because this is you, every word and every emotion bled  has you in it.

You have been wondering what I’ve been doing with my life all these days. What I’m doing is I’m trying to pen down one poem that would say everything I wanted to say, feel everything I wanted to feel and show everything I wanted to show, to you and to the rest of the world.

Seven years yet an eternity

A thunderstorm that blew

Making a man out of a rag

A song so beautiful

My heart comes to life

Voice like the rain

And eyes like a daydream

A riddle so life changing

Which I read and I loved

Like kids we played

The sun in our smiles

Like Gods we lived

The destiny being ours

Now I’m me without you

Like the ocean without the wind

An eerie calm deep within

With memories of you woven

And I miss you

More than you’ll ever know

No matter what they say

No matter what they do

I live for thee.


This is my first attempt at writing my true feelings. Forgive me if it’s incoherent. I’m at a loss of words! And I don’t think I have to declare this post being one hundred percent non-plagiarized. The last thing I’d do is write my feelings through someone else’s words!



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