‘Memories maketh a man’

Everyone has a past, some broken beyond repair and some beautiful like a blooming lotus. Situation doesn’t make a man who he is. Experience doesn’t make a man who he is. It’s the memory of it all that makes him who he is.

Here’s a gentle peek into my memories, my mid night thoughts and mid day dreams, my life from how I see it each day.

So what am I now? A confused soul? A delusional idiot?

Memories burden

Like a paper boat

On a still pond

The slightest touch

Causing the scariest ripple

And my heart goes numb.


Memories sweeten

Like a heavenly oasis

In a scorching desert

Thoughts of you

Making a masterpiece

Out of my lifeless poems.


Memories are untold dreams

Memories are imagined situations

Memories are learnt lessons

Memories are boundless happiness

Memories are bottomless sorrows


Memories are living souls

Dwelling in lifeless wraiths.

The above is a work of fiction pretty much close to what the author experiences everyday in his life. No part of it has been reproduced from anywhere.


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