‘Rise and Rise Until Lambs Become Lions’- Robin Hood

I’ll tell you something today that I hope will help you as it helped me. I got inspired by two particular speeches, one by the great Martin Luther King Jr., ‘I have a dream’ and the other, by this guy from Toastmasters, Dananjaya J. Hettiarachchi and his speech titled ‘I see something’.


This is my attempt at something new. This will be in the form of a speech. You’re supposed to read it out ‘loud’ to yourself rather than just reading from the text like we usually read. I trust you can provide the right pauses and the right emotions at the right moment to make this little post useful for you all.


“I’ve been broken more often than not. I’ve been broken by my friends who talked behind my back, my teachers and mentors who never believed in me. I’ve even been broken by strangers, people whom I’ve never even met. And they all kept telling me why exactly I failed and how I failed and why I will never succeed and how I should get out of it while I can. I thought they knew more than me. I thought they’ve been through hell and back to say something that huge. But no! They never tried. They never went through what you went through. They never perspired for it, like you did. They don’t know the kind of insult you got to put up with each day, to reach for the sky. They don’t know your dreams, the starry eyed nights you spent hugging your dreams. They don’t know your aspiration, the fire in your eyes, the courage in your heart.

And they don’t know to what extent you’d go to make your dreams come true.


Because, they are not you.

Mark my words, the only person who can say that you’re not good enough is yourself.

So, go on. Tell yourself that you’re good. Tell yourself that you got this. Tell yourself that you can do this. Tell yourself that you’re not going for the impossible, that you’re going for something for which you’ve been waiting, wondering, perspiring, preparing and dreaming all your life.

And what? You failed? So what? Its not it. Its not you. You’re better than this, you’re bigger than this.

Use that rage, the anger, the sorrow, the insults to fuel your determination. Get up every time you fall flat on your face. Get up, wipe yourself and try again. With each fall, get up and hit harder. Hit with all you got. Try again like you’ve never tried before. Go for it because you’re born for it.

And if you fall again, try again. Because nothing can keep you down, least of all, failures.

And you win.”


‘Words of a boy who failed in English and became a writer’.


The above mentioned text was created by the admin. No part of it was reproduced from anywhere. The admin firmly believes plagiarism, for a writer is a shame.


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