The Vigilante- A Short Fiction

The Wolf looked at the man holding a knife in one hand and a pistol in the other, the later pointed at his forehead. He scanned the room and took in the reality that had just occurred. Shattered glass, broken furniture, bullets and bullet riddled bodies of his former hitmen lined the floor.

He looked into the eyes of the man who had the guts to walk into his den and hold a gun to his head.

The Wolf: Do you have any idea what you’re getting into? You know what people would do if they ever find out?

Man: It took me ten years to get here and I know every bit there is to know.

The Wolf: Then you would also know that you wont live long after you kill me. That they will hunt you down no matter where you run off to and they will make you pay for this.

Man: I don’t plan on living a long life. I planned on executing you for what you did to me and so I shall do so.

The Wolf grew weak in his knees as he fell to the floor, his face showing pure horror. His voice quivered as he said it.

The Wolf: I’m the Wolf. I can do virtually anything I want. I know everyone and I control everything.

Man: You fear death. I always believed, to get where you’ve gotten, you should never fear death. I was wrong. And you’re not The Wolf that I’ve heard so much about. You’re just a man, a half man.

The Wolf: Money, drugs, women, power, I can get you everything. Be a part of me. I will raise you to be the king of the underworld. You will be my successor and my heir. You will own the world.

Man: You’re a clever man, trying to make a deal for your life. You understand business like no other. But its not enough. Every man has a price but not every man’s price is money and power. So, ask me what my price is.

The Wolf stared into the man’s eyes. The man put the knife to his throat, almost making an incision. His voice was cold and hollow.

Man: Ask me what my price is.

The Wolf: What is your price?

Man: Your head.

His mind drifted off to those memories that made his heart ache. He thought of the time when he actually had a name.

Man: Do you remember a woman by the name Sasha? Do you know what happened to her? Do you know what happened to her loving husband who was heartbroken by what happened to her?

How would you remember? She is one of the few thousand girls whose lives you ruined. But I remember because she is the one in a million who made my life worth living.

I’ll tell you not because I have time and you don’t but because you need to know the reason for your death.

It was in the spring of 2006 when we moved into this city. I was in every way successful, a well paying job which I love, married to the girl of my dreams; I was happy. It was 9:00 PM on a Saturday when I got the call. I distinctly remember it because that is when I heard my wife cry for the first time. She sounded horrified almost scared to death. I drove as fast as I could and stepped into a broken home. She was not there.

Do you know what happened to her? I will tell you what happened to her. I found her one week later, by the side of a highway. She was dead long before I got to her. She was lying there naked with wounds covering her entire body with crows feeling on her. The doctors said she was raped repeatedly and brutalized. They said over fifty men raped her in the course of 7 days. That she had been dead for a day before we found her. I sat by that highway for two days crying. I cursed God. I cursed life. I cursed myself. I felt weak. I wanted to die. I wanted to just let go of life.

But for some reason I didn’t. Everyday I lived made me stronger. You know why? Because the day I saw my wife’s cold dead body, I discovered the reason for my existence. You. Every minute you lived angered me. Every breath you breathed infuriated me. And so I did what I had to do. I killed every rapist I could track with the hope that one day I would get to you. The people call me the Vigilante because I slit the throat of every rapist, half man I come across. They say I serve the society and I’m like the Indian Robin Hood or something. They can never be more wrong about me. They were wrong about you as well. They called you a fearless wolf yet here you are cowling around my feet like a whipped dog.

The Wolf: What happened to you is in every way horrific. I agree with every word you’ve spoken. Monsters like such should be brought to justice.

Man: Oh do you? And now you will give up on everyone around you just to save your worthless life? I expected more from a man of your reputation.

The Wolf’s voice turned into desperation now. He wasn’t asking anymore because he does not have the power to. He was pleading.

Man: I’m not God. I’m not the merciful one. I’m not the kind. I’m the revenge. I’m the sin and I will give you what you deserve. Death.

The man pushed the Wolf on his knees. He got behind him and held him by his throat. He drew the cold blade and placed it gently on his neck. The cold steel slowly sank into his throat.

The Wolf: Fuck you.

And as he uttered his last words, blood gushed out of his incision and his mouth. He fell to the floor, struggling. He was cold and dead in minutes and the so called Vigilante sat there staring at the dead Wolf, his latest kill.

The blood covered knife fell from his hand while he reached for his pocket and took out of all things, a photo of his wife. He sat still, his eyes fixed on the photo until the police arrived.


Thank you for your time.


 The above story is a work of fiction and any resemblance of either the characters or the situations portrayed to anything real is pure coincidence.


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