A Passionate Affiar

It’s a love at first sight.

To be honest, I fell in love with you even before I saw you.

There you stood, with all your beauty that can enchant the stoniest of hearts. You can make happy, the unhappiest of souls. You can make a man go weak with just a glance.

With your beauty radiating to every corner, I yearned to touch you, to make you mine forever. For I’ve been dreaming of possessing someone like you all my life.

I’ve heard stories about you, stories of your wonder, stories of how you made every man fall before you like a pack of cards. The mightiest of men crave to have you. They’ve spent lifetimes trying to know you, to know the secrets you hold, to know the ingredients behind your endless elegance, your charm that melts hearts, to know how it would feel to own you, to hold you.

As I strode forward, I had my eyes stuck on you. All else felt like a smoke. The people, the worldly wonders that many ill guided men cherish but can never relish, the sun, the sea, the stars, life itself felt non-existent. 

I should have you. You’re mine. No one even has the right to even set their eyes upon you.  I rushed, my legs breaking into a run. And finally I grabbed you. I held you in my hands, with all the love I’ve ever had for you . The whole world looked at me with awe, some happy, some jealous but everyone with the same yearning to have you. I felt proud with you in my arms.

Sharp like the cold steel that kill lives and warm like the ocean waves that heal hearts, my hands ran all over you, feeling you up. I felt the seductive curves that lie beneath your false robes. I felt the smoothness that most women in the world can only dream of possessing. As I held you tightly in my arms, I breathed a deep long breath, taking in not just the oxygen so that I can live this moment but also the gentle fragrance oozing out of you. I got hypnotized by your scent which made me go mad.

I wanted to take you home. I wanted you to be my home.

An impatient me unlocked the door to my lifeless house and brought you in. There’s no time to waste. There’s no thinking what could happen the next minute. I need to have you and I did.
I had you. Hot and cold and sweet and spicy, all at once, I felt like never before. I felt the clock stop ticking when we lay together. I knew not daylight or the starry night lying there with you in my arms. I noticed not the fleeting life or the ageing days when you were with me.

I felt alive. I felt nothing else mattered. I felt transported to a magical land where no one can reach us. Its just you and me, alone. Every moment was a life in itself. I remember it so deep that at any time later, I may just close my eyes and go back to what it felt like when I had you. Every little expression, every little thought I had experienced frozen in my memories forever. You were gentle and light like the exquisite feathers of the peacock and I was fast and slow all at once. I wanted this to last an eternity but I wanted to know how I’d feel after this.

It felt like a lifetime but it was just a few hours. All good things have to end eventually. When it ended, I had no idea about the time of the day. I just laid there trying to imagine that it didn’t end. I closed my eyes and every single moment of you flashed back right into reality. You laid there by my side, all calm and peaceful.

You just showed me the world.

Then, I had an epiphany. It cant end. It just cant. I ran off to where I saw you for the first time, to find someone just like you, to bring back home and start it off all over again.

Its an addiction. Its an obsession. It’s endless.

It’s a routine.

I have a library full of you stacked in my study and I remember how I felt while reading, deciphering and exploring each and everyone of you.

Books are not just love. Books are not just life and by God, they are, by no means a hobby.

Books are lust. Books are an obsession.

They are an unquenchable thirst.

I have a lust for books.

Thank you for your time and I hope I’ve worded the feelings of every single book lover out there.


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