Reawaken- A Short Fiction

A black Mercedes came to a halt outside the tallest building in the city and out came a man in a black suit, no different from a hundred other black suits hurrying past him. He had stopped referring to them as people when he realized they aren’t anymore.
He made his way to the conference room where he is to meet the CEO of the company. Just another day, just another presentation, just another gathering to find a way to get what they want and to get the same faster.
Halfway through the meeting, he was feeling suffocated. He couldn’t stand the people around him.  Finally, when it got over, he breathed a sigh of relief as he got up from his chair and ran for the door without a glance at the people who were giving him a suspicious look.
Ten years ago, he was just another graduate from just another Business School dreaming of climbing the corporate ladder. He staggered on unwilling to give up. Promotion after promotion, he worked his way up without a second thought. But as he advanced more and more towards his goals, he gradually lost something along the way.
He had lost himself.
He was lifeless now. He laughed without happiness and cried without sadness. It was as if like he had become a mere shadow of what he once was. He had traded his life for his ambitions.
He barged out of the still bustling building, almost scaring the hell out of his driver who ran after him to assist. He barely noticed the bewildered driver and when he did, he dismissed him without a thought and kept walking towards the busy streets.
He kept walking mindlessly and didn’t notice until a Frisbee hit him on the side of his head. He fell back, his head gyrating for a second. Then he realized where he was. Standing in the middle of a park, he saw children all around him playing happily. Happily.
Happiness is what he had been missing.
A kid came running towards him and asked him if he was alright. He smiled at him for a moment, picked the Frisbee up, gave it a good wipe on his clean, costly shirt and gave it back to the him. One magical hour he spent there playing with the kids. Most of the parents there was eying him suspiciously, a 35 year old man in an expensive suit playing with the kids on a Monday evening.
It was half past seven when he got home. He was a different person now. After a long time, he had a clear idea about what he wants in life. He went straight to his study and typed out a crisp letter of resignation to his boss.
He slowly got up from his chair and made his way to the basement. He never wanted to go back there because it housed all his memories. His hands trembled while he searched for the one thing he had been dreaming to use all his life.
He lifted the covers and looked at his typewriter lovingly. He fingers ran gently over the dust covered keys as his mind drifted slowly off to his memory lane. He brought it into his study and placed it on his desk after clearing it off everything he once considered important.
Sitting under the glare of a table lamp, he rolled a sheet of paper into the typewriter and starting typing
‘A black Mercedes came to a halt outside….’

Thank you for your time.
The above story is a work of fiction and any resemblance of either the characters or the situations portrayed to anything real is pure coincidence.


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