Ceaseless- A Short Fiction

‘I wake up to the sounds of you stretching adorably in your sleep. You cuddle me, your fingers running across my cheeks and my hands around you. The morning sun is peeking out of the stubborn drapes and I hear faint sounds of life in the background’.

‘We walk hand in hand under the morning sun across the cobble stoned cafes. The trees stretching far to shade us from the bright sun, the noisy people around living their chosen life. I feel numb to every little thing around me while your hand gently rests in mine. Happy couples wave to as while they pass and you smile that smile I fell for, every time someone wishes you a good life prompting them to think you have everything in life that you’ve ever asked for’.

‘I feel the cool breeze hit my breeze, my hands resting on the wet sands, my head on your lap. You’re silent. I’m silent. We hear the waves rushing back and forth. We see the eternal ocean in front of us trying to make beautiful what is already beautiful. We stare at the endless horizon hoping what every two people in life would hope for, a touch of immortality to our story’.

‘My hand lay firmly on the gear lever while yours lay gently over mine. My head floats in the sky while you stare firmly into the unlit road ahead. My eyes clouded by happiness while yours very much alive and awake. I notice not the car gently veering off course. I notice not the car rushing like rolling stones from the opposite direction. I see not what would happen. Your finger tighten its grip over my hands while I desperately try to steer away from the impending events that’s about to unfurl. I hear a strange sound; see bright lights as I feel numb. I hear your screams; I see the fear in your eyes as I feel us going in a mad circle. I feel glass shreds tearing into the side of my face while I hear the glass in front of me shatter. I see you being pulled away from me and I desperately stretch to hold you back. To get you back to me. We come to stop as the mist around my head finally clears. I see darkness beyond the illuminating lights of the car. I see you lying motionless in front of the car. Your lifeless eyes staring into mine, piercing into mine. I sit staring at you because I know I’m dead too.’


Its been two years since it happened.

Every night, I wake up with a jerk to see darkness all around me. I hear the thunder rolling and the bright lightning filling my soul. I feel the uncomfortable bed under me and I feel you missing by my side. I feel a void filling me up.

I wake up every morning missing what I had, not knowing what I want. I walk past the cobble stoned cafes staring into the faces of all those people who passed me by, immune to all the smiles. I lay on the lifeless sands hoping the receding waves would bring you back to me. I stare into the endless horizon hoping to find you in there somewhere.  I drive in the same road everyday hoping to undo what happened. I exist with the hope of living again.

One night, while driving in the same road as I’ve done for the past two years, I see blinding lights in a mad circle and loud screeching sounds. All the memories of the past rush back to me filling me with memories of the life I had lost. I see a mangled car parked someway off the road. I immediately stop and run off to see if anyone needs help. My memories all clouded, my eyes all dark with tears, I trip over and fall hurting my knees. I feel numb when I reach the mangled car and I shine the torch to see. I see someone lying unconscious with her head on the steering.  The door is jammed and I break open the glass. I try to pull her out but I see her foot stuck under the steering. I go over from the other side and I struggle with the lever that is over her foot. He face is bloody, her body lifeless but she still has a beating heart that is very much alive.

Everything I remember is all blurry. Fast moving lights, numbed sounds, scurrying people and I find myself in a hospital with the half dead woman in my hands.

I don’t know who she is and I don’t know where she is from. But I believe she was brought into my life for a reason. The fact that she met with an accident in the exact same time and the exact same place where I did is not just a coincidence. She was not meant to die off like that. I was not meant to live off a half life like I’d been living. That is life and life meant us to meet like we did.

I sat by her side everyday for months talking to her. She being a muted listener and me being an endless talker scared that she might die off if I stop. I told her stories of the world. I told her stories of my life and my great love. I told her about happy people and happy life.


And one day, her eyes opened and she had the same deep blue, endless eyes as you. She signaled me to come close and she whispered into my ears,’ Hi, I’m Karen’.


She has the same name as you.


This is my first attempt at writing a pure fiction. Hope its any good. Thank you for your time.


 The above story is a work of fiction and any resemblance of either the characters or the situations portrayed to anything real is pure coincidence.


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