Humanity- A well recited Myth!

We live in an organized, structured and developed society.  We have a law we have to adhere to. We have order and responsibility towards our society. We have smart men in expensive suits and women in chic dresses. We have taxis in the night, police in times of fear, doctors in times of need and the army in times of war. We have fire fighters, rescuers, safety patrols, even a vigilante to guard us while we sleep undisturbed.

My question is are we living in a developed society?

I’ll tell you what we have and then you may judge our society.

We have hunger. Millions of children, women and men die of starvation each day while the sheiks in the Gulf buy diamond encrusted gold Rolls Royces.

We have terrorism while the Heads of the State watch rallies from bullet proof cabins.

We have murderers, thieves, rapists, imposters who roam free in the society.

We have men who kill for the rights of women. We have men who kill for the rights of men. We have men who kill in the name of God and call upon God’s name to justify it.

We have the corrupted, the bribed, the evil minded. We have everything. We are everything.

There’s a quote by a character in a movie which I really love.

“We stopped checking for monsters under the bed when we realized they are within us”- The Joker.

We go off teaching the world how evolved we are. We call our past the dark ages. We call them barbarians who killed for no reason. We call the World Wars the dark days of the world. We call Hitler and Stalin tyrants.

But are we so different?

Everyday, we read about forest fires, earthquakes, tidal waves killing us one bit at a time. Everyday, we hear news about murders, air strikes, rapes, cheating and we turn a blind eye only because all we care about is our own little lives.

In the ancient days, men go to war and kill each other and we call the barbaric. Now, the same happens only, not so noticeable. But it still does happen.

The reason I love Game of Thrones is, it shows the naked truth in the plainest way possible. Men want power, money, glory, reputation, revenge and they want it no matter what.

They wanted it then. They want it now. Nothing’s changed. We are still the same cruel men who strut about doing what we do best. Only, we do it different this time. We wear suits. We drive a costly car. We run companies and we do what we’ve always done-destroy.

Humanity was not just built upon evil, viciousness, vile nature, bad thoughts and deeds. It was also built upon kindness, compassion, love, empathy. And a society is truly developed only when we understand what it truly means to be a human.

If one were to look at the society through such eyes, I would say we’ve not taken even one step in the right direction. If anything, we’ve forayed even more into the wrong direction. I’m not going to suggest any possible cures or something. It lies within you. There’s no structured way of finding it. But you’ll know it the moment you find it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Time is not so valuable but people have time only for those which they feel are valuable.


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