An insight worth sharing

So recently I moved to Chennai as part of my internship. I get to stay here for two months until the end of May. Though I was born in this ever busy city, I never really got a chance to live here. So, I guess I’ll take this as a second chance to fulfill my long lost desire.

So, last weekend I took a road trip. It wasn’t even a long one but it contained within it the visit to some beaches in Chennai. So, with this in my mind, I started off at around eleven. Its probably not the best time to go on a road trip because I don’t know if Chennai is famous for its beaches but I definitely know that it is famous for its climate.  Unbearable heat coupled with remorseless humidity makes even God sweat. We, mere mortals are in no way a match for it.

It took me thirty minutes to go from where I’m staying to my first destination, the Elliot Beach. They say the mark of a true rider is to ride to a direction not a destination. With my mind in a fit, I started off. I got convinced. Not by the ride but by the sea. You can never describe the feeling because it is that unique. Its something that one can only feel. Sitting on the hot scorching beach at twelve noon under the burning sun, I felt nothing. Sitting alone in a beach filled with families and couples, I saw nothing.

I was at peace. The waves rushing endless, the breeze gushing merciless. My mind knew a peace it had never known before. The yellow sands, the ever eroding waves calmed me. First time in my life I saw a blue that matched the might of the blue sky. I sat there stunned not believing anymore, in anything I previously believed in.

I remember asking one particular person what the sea means to her. She told me the endless sea reminds her of the how small and virtually unimportant our lives are compared to the earth. I asked myself what the sea means to me.

I didn’t have an answer. I don’t know what to say. Just gazing at the sea makes me speechless. All my beliefs, the little fights, the jealousy, the hatred, the betrayals, the back stabbing, the love, the passion, the unstoppable urge to make a mark in the world, even life is nothing comparing to the vastness of the universe. We go on living we have something important with us but the truth is it ain’t so important. It ain’t even close.

The world is not Apple of Samsung. It is neither Porsche nor Lamborghini. We are so busy believing in our pathetic little worldly gains that we fail to see what actually matters.

We were created not to buy any of those. We were created not to achieve anything. We were created just like any other animals. We were created to live. But we, in our endless hurry to live, forget to live at all.

If at all we are special like we believe we are, we would have been Gods. Sadly, we aren’t. We are mere mortals no better no worse than a million other organisms on earth.

Some truths are not meant to be uncovered, even with our ‘supercomputer brains’. Instead of spending your entire life trying to uncover these truths for your own personal interests under the guise of making the world a better place or something, try to live a little.

It’ll be better for you and for the rest of the world.


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