Do you remember when people say the world is riddled with evil? There’s this kind of evilness in everything starting from money to help to even love. That there are more bad guys than the good ones. That if this were to prevail, the world would end up as a great big prison with us, the humans, being the prisoners in it.

I used to think so too until I saw a series of events which transformed my presumptions once and for all.

When the planes hit the twin towers on 11th of September, most of the people around the world were stuck with grief. Not anger but grief. Their hearts went out to those poor souls who lost their lives in that attack. Random people came forward to aid those stuck by that misfortune. Even now, people remember those who died in that attack. It’s not a good thing to dig up old, sour pasts but it is good to keep them in mind while moving forward with confidence.

When the terrorists attacked those innocent civilians in beautiful Paris, everybody came forward to help. There was so much love, so much compassion and so many people ready to help those in need. What does it say to us? The world is not inherently evil. On the contrary, the world is a dream filled with love, harmony and oneness.

The beauty of the world is neither the technology nor the advancement that we have achieved, its life itself. We are so busy working towards betterment that we have forgotten the most important thing in life, life itself. We have forgotten to cherish it in our quest to make it better. It is times like these we remember how wonderful and miraculous life is. It is times like this we stop thinking about our lives and look at the lives of those whose everyday life is filled with danger beyond imagination.

Times like these remind us of the treasure which is life. It is in hardship and suffering that we see some of the most beautiful traits of life-love, compassion and unselfishness. These are innate traits which don’t reveal themselves unless it’s absolutely necessary. These are the essence of life. The whole life is built on such goodness that the evil which has prevailed has no roots but just a stem and some leaves. It won’t last long. It won’t last even a day when all of us join hands in getting it out of our system.

There’s this quote about violence in this movie ‘The Imitation Game’,

“Do you know why people like violence? Because they find it deeply satisfying. Remove the satisfaction and the act will become hollow”

That’s how shallow violence is. Once people realize the depth love can reach, why would they even think of willfully hurting another individual?

It took us a Hitler to understand what weapons of mass destruction can cause to humankind. It took the French Revolution to realize the basic rights of humankind- liberty, equality and fraternity. It took us countless losses to constantly remind us of the pain a person can bring upon another.

We have suffered enough.


In the words of Elizabeth II

“It will be for us, the children of today, to make the world of tomorrow a better and a happier place”.

Pray for those souls who gave up their lives for the follies the rest of the humankind enacted. The only way that their souls would rest in peace is when we, the rest of the humankind realize what we have done and work towards a better and a happier tomorrow.


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