What is Love actually?

I was watching a movie just now, ‘Love Actually’ and it felt good. As the name suggests, it is about love but not the one we see everyday. Its about the one we don’t see but feel. Although I believe the love displayed in that movie is slightly overrated by today’s standard. We cant blame the movie but I guess people have transformed and their views have changed regarding how they perceive love.

Honestly, no one will like it if a guy comes after you with a board saying, “To me, you’re perfect”. That’s seems a bit too dramatic even by my standards and if one were to read my older posts, one would know just how hopelessly dramatic I’m. I’d add stars, moonlight and little bits of roses to every word to make it look like a starry dream but the truth is it makes it sound too hard to believe to be true.

I think love is in the little things. The minute stuffs your mom would do everytime you are home after a longtime which would make you happy. You get to devour your favorite food without even demanding it. In short, she makes you love home even more and shows how much she wants you to come back as soon as possible. Your dad and his ‘where are you with your life, son?’ talks. You sit with your big brother to watch a game but neither really pays any attending to the game because either of you are too busy feeling proud of how far the other one has come in life.

Like I said, I guess love is in the little things. A surprise party, an unexpected yet much needed help, a friend who wont take your permission to do your job for you. A little attention to detail would go a long way. But we don’t appreciate the detail which makes us happy. We appreciate the time they took to pay attention to that such a trivial detail which would make us feel better.

The entire idea of the way you love has changed over time. Nowadays, love is not about standing up for your loved ones when needed, its about being there and lifting your loved ones up when they fall down. And I think there’s a better reason in this because no one can truly be there during your bad time unless that person genuinely cares for you.

See what a two hour and fourteen minute movie does to me. Just wonder what a love story would do to my life.


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