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I have been living in Bangalore for the past four months and last afternoon, I was sitting in the common room enjoying a cup of hot coffee when the news which flashed upon the screen chilled me to my bones.

“A BPO employee gang-raped in the dead of the night in a moving van.”

The news reporter kept reading from her printed text as my mind went blank thinking about how cruel people have gotten. From the time when women were considered equal to God to the time where the rapist, in most cases happens to be victim’s close acquaintance, we have kept chanting like a mantra how much the country has developed.

Is this called development? Is neglecting the basic human rights and freedom called development? Is abusing the humankind called development?

We have developed obviously, in sky scrapers stretching to hundreds of feet and an equally tall crime rate. Should we be proud or should we take up a knife and become a vigilante?

Let me give you an example.

“Is India the rape capital of the world?”

I’m not saying it although I would kill to say it. It’s the heading of a report compiled by an American woman. Would you disagree? No, you would perhaps try to highlight the plight of women in her country in a piss poor attempt to cover up what’s happening in our country.

I don’t think covering up would work this time. In a country which recorded 24,923 cases of rape in 2012 which means around 2076 rape cases per month, 68 rape cases in every day which amounts to about 0.0007 rape cases per second, what can you cover up?

Now tell me are you proud of your country. Why would you be? You live in a country where it is justifiable for a woman to perceive every man she comes across in her life (including her parents, husband, kids, brothers and friends) as rapists.

And you know what the most chilling part is? This is just one-third of the actual rape cases happening in the country. The rest go unreported. Now do you have the urge to take up a gun and shoot down every single rapist in the country? If, someone like me with a simple calculator by my side could find out the filth that adorn our ‘developed’ country, why can’t people such as judges, lawyers and all of those who are considered learned men by the society can’t see it? Pardon, me but it makes me wonder. Are they a part of this too or are they patriotic souls who don’t give a damn about the country they are patriotic about?

Take some time off and go to Facebook. Open a photo of any celebrity, preferably actors and actresses from the Indian cinema. First let’s go with male. What would you see in the comments section? Almost 80% of the comments would be men and notice the comments made by female members. One would find a number of replies by random guys asking for their phone numbers. Take the photo of a female celebrity. Read the comments and you’d feel sick to your stomach about our fellow countrymen’s mentality.

Gentlemen, this is the current situation of our country. Are you ashamed now? You need any more reason to wish you had not been born a male?

And what’s the role of the government here? The judiciary system?

A muted audience.

A judiciary system that takes pride in adjourning a case and approving bail to a rape accused at a nominal fee so that everybody would be able to afford it. The media comes exactly after everything has happened to make more money out of it. The human rights group which is more concerned about the age of the rapist being a few months shy of 18 than about the condition of the victim deserves a mention here too.

I have one question for you. How can you live with yourself?

A lawyer who proudly says the attire of the woman was not proper which prompted the accused to rape the victim and the people blindly believing it to be the reason. You just cannot find a better lawyer in the courtroom. The media proudly walking into the scene of the crime disrupting even the tiny bit of investigation the police are trying to do and grandly declaring, “Another rape. Is there an end for this?” They stomp all over the place as if they have any right to and they say, “For want of safety, we won’t reveal the name of the victim.” And they reveal the address, family ties and every little secret about the victim in the name of ‘getting to the bottom of it’.

In a country where rape victims are considered more derogatory than the rapist, the media are being so helpful in such a trying time and I’m being bitterly sarcastic as if I try to talk normal, I would do nothing but abuse.

What do you think should we, the public do? Stand by and watch? You may but I can’t. We’ve stood by and watched long enough and its time the public raises their voices. This is a democracy isn’t it? And by Abraham Lincoln’s definition, “Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Its time India becomes a democracy and start living by those great words.

I don’t believe in ‘educating’ young men from a very young age would put an end to it. First of all, you can’t put an end to it. So, their basic viewpoint itself is wrong. Second of all, rape is not a disease that you can curb with a solution. It’s a crime like thievery and terrorism. No matter how much you try, you can’t put an end to terrorist or a robber. Same goes here. You see, there are two ways to stop any crime-make the punishment extremely lethal or to cut the weed off when it’s budding by right education. The second would fail as there’s a technical glitch. It’s not a weed anymore but a fully grown banyan tree.

Now how would you deal with an overgrown unwanted tree? You chop the branches off one by one and finally, you get rid of the trunk along with every single root it has grown, making sure that it does not grow out again.

I wouldn’t suggest the death penalty as no man has the right to take the life of another man. I would suggest castration. Let the rapist have a taste of his own medicine. Let the victim sleep peacefully knowing that he can’t harm anymore woman in his life. I do know that most people believe that only God can punish man but seeing as how he is not here in the immediate vicinity, let’s make man the deciding authority for once, shall we?. What? You’d let a man to decide to rape but you would not let someone else to punish the offender? Have you no sense?

You think you are superior just because you have a thing in between your legs?  Being a man comes from first and foremost, respecting a woman and when you can’t do that, you don’t deserve to be a man.

Now if I had the power, what would I do as a solution for this?

A high speed court should see into the matter. A court that cannot be governed by the Supreme Court as most rapists are rich enough to appeal and stay the lower court’s orders against them.

A police system that is unfailing in justice. The police must encourage the victims to come forward because most of the cases go unreported as most victims are afraid to speak out about their horrific experience as when they do, the rest of the nation labels them as someone who has been sinned or something. Only the police can help them by becoming a helping hand to them in their challenging time. Every single rapist must know what it is to be labeled as a rapist. I assume every police officer has a family consisting of a wonderful wife and two little angelic daughters. Now is the time to show how they can contribute towards their protection.

The media should be encouraged to reveal the photo of the rapist to the general public. Every Indian must know and remember the photo of every rapist. This would stop repeat offence and it would show the rapist that the world is watching their every move and one wrong move would rain hell upon them. Why? Because when a rapist gets beaten to death by the public, the wannabe would think twice before doing it.

He maims a girl physically and psychologically and he gets to walk scot free? Not in my world he won’t.

The major task lies for the public. There should be neighborhood watch. For each neighborhood, the people living in the society must for a group which would have the record of everyone staying in their neighborhood. By this, they can keep an eye out for people with criminal records.

This may not be much but it is still better than what we have now. It can’t stop rape but it can reduce them drastically to make India a safer place for our womenfolk. Development means going towards the right direction and not extending the limbs in every direction, right and wrong alike.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to shred what has been raging in my heart for a while now.

Jai Hind.


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