Wind of Change

There was once a dream, an American dream, “all men are created equal with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

All through the history of history, men have shredded blood, sweat and tears to achieve this dream. Men have wasted their lives in prison fighting for the cause of equality. They have been tortured, mutilated and killed because they believed that all men are born equal. They gave up their lives hoping that one day, in their lifetime or the next, they would achieve their dream. That tomorrow will be a better place for their children. And that the world would measure them by their heart and mind and not by their color and their social status.

It took the world centuries to realize a fact as simple as this. It took the world, millions of deaths and years of suffering to realize a fact as simple as this. It took the world lives of great men like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King , Mahatma Gandhi to realize something that has been obvious every since the beginning of time.

I do hope the world has learnt its lesson that no man can change the rules of nature.

Because I believe there’s another struggle in our path- the gender equality.

I would like to alter the American dream and my version of this quote would be, “all humans are created equal with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Why shouldn’t she do it when he does it? Why shouldn’t a woman stand on the top of the world? Why shouldn’t a woman be the leader of a country? Why shouldn’t a woman take up a gun and fight for her country?

I believe these questions are overrated because the truth would be to ask the question why a woman should not have the liberty to drive a car? Why shouldn’t a woman follow a dream? Why should she be denied a life while men enjoy living?

People keep reasoning that the society these days is as bad as it can be. But the truth be mighty simple than that, the people who are reasoning fail to accept the facts. The society has always been bad. It breaks the leg of those who want to grow and cuts the head of those who wants to stand out. But still, if a man has the liberty to risk his life and those of his loved ones to follow his dream, why shouldn’t a woman?

All those men who followed their dream and left a lasting legacy in this world, they would be remembered for their deeds and their works. All those woman who left a lasting legacy would be remembered for their struggle, their courage, their bravery and they shall stand out as the epitome of gender equality.

All those men who believe that women are chained to the command of the man who owns her, should be taught that no human can own another human. That every human, men and women have the right to choose the life he or she wants to live.

Sati, female infanticide, rape, child abuse and the recently discovered domestic violence;the crime against women is endless but what are the crimes against men?


What if you were burnt alive after your wife dies?What if you get abandoned as killed as a child just because you were born a man?What if you were to be exploited mentally and physically by the one whom you thought you could trust? Would any man ever bear such evil?

You came into this through your mother, you saw this world for its beauty through your sister, you achieved your dream holding the hand of your wife then why wouldn’t you stand up for any of them? You have dreams but not ideals? You have mind but not a heart?

Am I to call you a heartless wrench?

Or if you would disagree, try to reason with me. Why do you walk with your head bowed while women, the ages of your sister or your mother or your wife get leered at or teased? What did you do when your friend standing beside you just passed a nasty comment on a passing woman?

Start making a difference. Be a man, respect a woman and protect her the way she does to you.

Racism was abolished not by the struggles and the sacrifices of just the blacks but by the combined powers of the black and the whites. Same goes here. Gender equality can be abolished only if men and women join hands and fight it out.

Start making a difference.


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