Facts are to be accepted

I have a dream.

Its not a personal one, its a social one actually.

I want to see a girl go up to a random stranger and ask without a fear or a doubt,”Excuse me Sir, can you please drop me in my hours? My vehicle has broken down.”

Its a bit of a long shot considering the present scenario.

The actual scenario is one where a girl can barely walk on the streets without some guy passing a comment.

This is the age where the crime against women is higher than the crime against humanity. This is the age where the men have realized the fact that woman are, in fact born equal to men, but are not ready to accept the same.

This is the age where men like to take bribe from other men and sexual pleasure from women.

There was a time when men were not allowed to look at any other girl’s face other than their own wives’. There was a time when men respected and protected a women’s life, any women’s life more than their own life. There was a time rape and eve-teasing were considered the worst crimes against humanity.

What has it become now?

There’s a rapist or an eve-teaser with prowling eyes in every street a girl lives in. There are rapists in kindergarten schools. There are rapists in the buses and in the taxis. There are rapists in the colleges and there are rapists even within a family.

Where is this society going?

Woman are more afraid of spy cameras in changing rooms than of their future. They fear more from walking in the streets all alone than from exams or their career. They are more concerned about sex hungry men trying to grope them in open public rather than about their husband or father having a bad day at work.

What has become of the society?

Have you no honor? Have you no conviction? Have you no manhood?

You have the right to be called a man if and only if you know how to respect a woman. Otherwise, your just a beast. Not just any beast but a beast that needs to be slaughtered mercilessly.

A man is one who treats a woman with the dignity she deserves.

Why do you do it?

Is is because of the fact that you can’t have a girlfriend?

Is it because you sexual desires have gone way beyond your head?

Is it because you think you’re the ultimate casanova whom every girl wants in their life?

You’re wrong. If you can’t have a girlfriend, its your own mistake. If you can’t control your desires, its your own mistake. If you think your a casanova, then you’re dead wrong.You’re not.

Or it because you can’t stand a society where men and women are equal?Are you a sexist?

Let me put this abundantly clear to you.

If a guy has the right to walk in the street with his baggy pants exhibiting his shiny pair of Jockeys to the whole world and calling it the new trend, a girl can do it as well.

If a guy has the right to sit in a bar all night and get drunk beyond recognition, then a girl can do exactly the same as well.

That’s whats called gender equality.

Or is it the fact that your too old fashioned to understand the fact that a girl can be a boy’s equal any day?

If that’s the case. its time you take in the fact that no girl is born inferior to any. No girl is born to serve any man. No girl is born as a toy to be used by you for your pleasures.

Girls are born to do everything a boy does, only better. They are born to win the world. They are born to follow their dream. They are born to lead a life as wonderful as any boy.

They are born equal and they shall be even if God objects to it.

Its time the world wakes up and sees them to be the Amazons they are instead of the Cinderellas the world imagines them to be.

I have a dream.

Its not a personal one, its a social one actually.

I want to live to see the day men fight to earn their right to live in a world dominated by women. Then they’ll know what  women go through everyday.


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