The Punishment Story

Imagine a beautiful sunset along the coast of a city or a town in the country. You see a beautiful couple walking along the side of the road enjoying the cool breeze. You see the cool breeze blowing on their soft faces and the dim light of the dusk shadowing their every move. You see people all around them eager and anxious to get back home to their loved ones. You see the leaves gently swaying with the breeze and the birds fill the peaceful air with their contented chirping.

The couple take in the sight and they forget the world around them. They are hand in hand and immensely happy. They have been in love with each other for the past five years and now that they have obtained the consent of their family they just can’t wait to get married. They know for sure that they are going to love each other for the end of time.They are sure that they will stand by each other no matter what. The woman leans gently onto the man’s strong shoulder as the man exhales proudly that he in the luckiest in the world.

The cool breeze turns into a roaring wind that fills the sky with its rage. The birds chirping is replaced by a strange silence as the dusk falls as if all good things have been wiped off. They failed to notice the four shadows that followed their’s. . As they turn into a fairly deserted street, they find themselves confronted by the four vicious looking me. The man decides to let go of all his possessions in order to safeguard his priceless possession-his lady. He removes his ring and his wallet as the four men advance towards him. It takes a moment for him to comprehend when two of the four men snatch his woman’s hands. In the next instant, he relises their intentions.

He fights back to save his life by saving her’s. He lands a punch on the man right in front of him and goes to his woman. She fights to free herself as her man pushes away one of the two men holding her. He frees as and did not see it coming. A hard jab lands on his stomach and he winces in pain. A sharp punch lands on his cheeks as he falls down. He sees his lady screaming as he gets beat up by them. His nose bleeds and he cant take no more. He falls down as his lady runs by his side to help him. He tries to touch her cheeks with his bloody hands. Ashamed that he can’t protect his lady, angry that his weakness has got the better of him, he falls down on the unable to get up.

The two men force the lady through a dark alley as he see a dimly lit passage ahead of him. He’s taken into a house and thrown in a corner and as he struggles to get up,  a mighty blow on his head and as he falls down unconscious, he sees a memory of his lady with a gentle smile on her face.

He wakes up to hear muffled screams in the adjacent room. His head hurts bad and he is barely conscious yet he struggles to get out of the rope that has been tied around his hands and his legs. The beauty that time is, it fleets when we want it to stall and it stalls when we want it to fleet away. Every minute seems like an hour as he struggles to get free of his bonds. His ears filled with his lady’s screams, his head filled with rage and his heart filled with sorrow, he struggles on. As he finally breaks free, he stands up to save his lady. He falls down unable to stand. He crawls across the room and tries to open the door only to find it locked. He starts to bang on the door but everything seems to made of metal all of a sudden, the door, the rope and his sorrow.

With one final push, he breaks open the lock limping out. He searches out in the darkness, going after the muffled sounds that seems to be coming from the far corner.He limps into that room.

He sees a naked woman in the far corner of the room, lying on top of a mattress. As he nears her, his eyes filled with tears, he sees the mattress covered in blood and the woman, barely alive. She is sobbing softly, her whole body covered in bruises as if she had been rolled in a blanket of safety pins. He falls down next to her and tried to pick her up. She looks at him with blood shot eyes, her glare boring into his. She gently touches his cheeks with her bloody hands. He weeps in agony, pain beyond reason, sorrow beyond the world. He looks up to see if there actually is anything or anyone called God and there is, wonder if he can ask the reason for this.

A month after the incident, they are in the hospital recovering, he from his broken bones and not from his broken heart and she from her violated body and not from her trauma. Everyday, he sits by her side holding her hands believing it will make her feel better but knew it to be false. She would wake in the middle of the night screaming “please no” and he would cry knowing they had done something to her which is irreparable. Every minute of his life boils him to do something for taking away something so beautiful.

Vengeance is a sin they say, but how would one punish the wrongs?Justice by the law? He tried that a few days after the incident. He went to a police station, covered in bandages, limping, and had filed a compliant with the law enforcement officer. They promised to find the culprit. Yet they called the media before they called a search team. And the man found himself at the hospital surrounded by a huge group of reporters demanding every inch of what happened. He broke down unable to describe the horror that had enveloped his life.

And then came the NGOs, they promised to help his to get justice and next came the protests demanding justice all around the city. They weren’t given even a minute together, to be in each others hands which he believed to be the best cure for her. They forced him to fight for her, organize rallies when all he wanted was her to be her again. He cared neither for the criminals nor the people seeking justice, he just wants her back.

What would he do if he’s torn between his love for her and his responsibility to fight against those who wronged them?

This was before the police interrogated her. That was the moment that changed his views on the situation. The way she reacted when questioned, the way she broke down under incessant questioning made him determined to fight it out. That gave him the fuel to go and fight for it because its something worth fighting for.

A month after that, here he is, still fighting, finding a way to get them what they deserved. Two weeks after the incident, the four rapists were captured and were charged. When it came to the court for hearing, they plead guilty and appealed mercy on the count of them realizing their mistake. The human rights activists outside demanding the sentence to be restricted to a jail term.

That’s when the man, the victim, one who is to bear this dreadful memory all his life, stood up to speak. The entire court was silent wanting to here what he has to say. He began,” Gentlemen, it was just another beautiful day just like today, when this happened. Its always in a beautiful day when something, horrific, beyond imagination happens. These men here, we brand them as rapists now, they took something beautiful from this world, the happiness and stained the memory of a woman, no older than most of you seated here. I saw them do it. I got beat up for trying to stop them from doing it. We’ve lost something that’s never going to come back and she’s going to suffer all her life because of this. The trauma, the memory, the screams, its all still fresh in my memory. Its so fresh that I can still remember ever little way they hurt her. Don’t they deserve something, anything in return for what they did? I do not suppose they have a conscious because if do, it would have stopped them from doing it. How much sin it is, to torture, to maim, to scar a person for life? How much hard it must be to live with that scar, the memory alone would kill most people sitting here and we here, got to live with it for the rest of our lives. Don’t they deserve something in return for what they did?”

“Now, some people would say I have vengeance in heart to to say these things here. Maybe I do, I don’t know. I was brought up with the idea that when people wrong others, they get punished by God. This incident here made me lose faith in God himself because if there were a God, he would have been punished by now. Seeing as how he’s standing in a corner of this room, probably more alive than most people here, I believe there’s no God. We, the society must step up to punish such people in the absence of God. We must show the society that some things are wrong, where you do it knowingly or unknowingly. That just like murder, treason, terrorism, rape is intolerable as well. Maybe worse. In terrorism, people believe in something and they fight for it, good or bad, they fight for it. In murder, a murder might happen in a fit of a rage which one will not perform in other circumstances. Whereas in rape, a rapist, listening to the pleas, the begging, the fear filled voice of the victim, looking at the tear filled eyes, red with fear and sympathy, does what he wants to do. What would call such a man as?A man?An animal?We slaughter animal for our food and our safety, if that is to be taken into consideration, then he should be slaughtered like an animal. If you want to call him a man who acts like a beast, a monster, he should be given something in return that will make him realize his wrongs.”

“Gentlemen, I propose castration as the solution. It will make him think twice about doing it again. It will make anyone think twice about doing it again.I believe there’s two way to curd a crime-to make man believe that a crime is bad or to enforce laws that will make him fear it thereby preventing him from doing it. The first is out of the question and the second is possible. I propose castration for the rapists”.

And the judgement was passed. The four rapists were castrated and sent to jail.

This is a work of fiction. The characters and the plot is invented but the idea is my own.


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