Fight to win!

Hello World!


Firstly, I would like apologize for my absence for such a long time. Its been precisely 94 days since my last post. And most people would like to know why I was “too busy” to do the thing I love the most.


The reason for it is-my career.

Time gallops at a furious pace as I speak and there came a time in my life where I was expected to take a life changing decision. A decision that is going to be my career. I was this graduate in architecture who would not want to be an architect for all the gold in Africa. The reason I would say is ill advised choices made me take a decision which I’m regretting now.

But its the past. Its been four years since I walked into my class for the first time. Time gallops at a furious pace indeed! I do not intend to cry over it. I’m rather using that degree for something I would like. To do something I would not regret later in my life. It took me a while yet I succeeded in coming to a decision which I will not regret later.

Te decision that is- business, management, entrepreneurship.

Yes, I’m studying to get into a business school as we speak. The reason is not the option being easy for me. To be exact, the exam that I’m going to take is perhaps the toughest exam in the country. That is the only thing that stands in my way to achieve my new found dream.

 Some people might say, a course in entrepreneurship is a course for the rich and the affluent. But I’m sure it is not. It is for everyone who can manage a situation-be it a busy shop or a crisis situation in defense for a nation. It takes a good amount of calculated, cool and well informed risks to tackle these situations. And I feel I’m up to it.

I might even go as far as believing that I would be able to do wonderfully well in it. This belief stems from the fact that I’m never good at day to day activities. I’m good when there’s a problem. I’ve always been able to find a solution or be a crucial tool for finding the solution in any problem I’ve come across till now. Most people find me at my best when there’s a crisis. I get bored, lazy and unenthusiastic when it comes to a regular job. Also, I needed a job which would require my skill as a witty speaker and my English ability.

So, this is what I’m. A soon-to-be management professional.

Now that the choice has been made, I’ve signed up for a paid course which would guide me in tackling this giant of an exam I got in between me and glory. The exam itself is a work of art. It is mathematics, reasoning and English at its finest. Now, most people would think that since I’m good at grammar, I would be able to cancel out that basic weakness that most Indians have. But no!That exam is tough even by my standards. The math half is no better. 

So now, I need to find a way past it or to be precise, a way around it as I’m more of a diplomatic person than a fighter.

In a writer’s sense, I’m in the middle of the calm before the storm. A calm which is not to relax but to prepare myself for what’s about to hit me. A calm which is in no way calming.

I imagine myself, a brave knight standing alone on a battlefield, in my full armor, my lucky sword and my shield in each of my hands ready to face the giant. A giant is no way equal to man but all is fair in a war. The giant’s strength surpasses mine by many folds but the giant lacks something what I have-intelligence.I shall let it strike with all its fury. I shall stand to defend my position and wait for the moment in which the giant is at its most vulnerable. And, like a lion, I shall strike with all the power, fury and the strength I can muster.



Like a man fighting for his death, I shall fight.knight-fighting-the-monster-5295

Like an animal fighting for survival, I shall fight. 

And I shall win. 


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