An Unsuspecting Dream


Four years ago, I finished school. I wasn’t the brightest of the kids yet people around me believed in me. In fact, they believed in me way too much than I would care to admit. I guess that was because I was always obedient and respectful of my teachers back then. I was still a kid then. I never understood life. All I cared was my dreams. I never once dreamed about something real. I guess, my dreams were the only way I could get away from my responsibilities. I neither had a goal nor an ambition in life then. I simply turned the way the wind blew and I never once questioned the direction it blew.

I that time, I truly believed then that I did not have any talents which make me unique. I never could accept this fact and this became the reason for my imaginations and exaggerations. I was used to watching the talented people around me being famous. I didn’t much like studies. I wasn’t good at sports. I could never make it out as a singer or an actor(obviously). I simply thought I’m just a normal human being who was born to do normal stuffs. Guess i wasn’t matured enough to analyse me to find out what I got. 

So, I took a decision which was the best I could. I decided to become an engineer because that was the best life I could offer myself. I wanted to try something new in Engineering. So, I signed up to study to become a Civil Engineer. It did not take me long to see that Civil Engineering is not my turf. I was really bad at it. But I did manage to clear my exams though. 

So, here I’m sitting and typing this post because I got a real decision in my hand to make. I need to decide on my future. My school days do not count as I hardly knew what I was doing most of the time. So, my college life taught me that I should not go anywhere near Civil Engineering. So, what should I really do?

There was this one little talent which I’ve been having for a long time now but I never once took the time to  recognize it. I had the power of the pen. I was good at English right from the start. I was good at grammar. I played with words while my friends played with the ball. I loved the dictionary and the encyclopedia. I was the man to contact when someone wanted a speech written or a presentation done. People even asked me to write letter for them. I honestly never knew how I got this good at this. I mean, I did not take any course in English. I just read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies.I loved books which could inspire the heart and movies which could make me fly. I loved punch lines and phrases. I loved books which made my heart beat faster and characters who became my role model. 

All I did was love. I loved it to the very core. I loved quotes which changed the way people thought. I loved the way certain authors described the plot and the scene in their book. I loved words which made an emotion strong and words which showed the feeling clear. I learnt the true might of the word and the changes it can cause if used to one’s advantage. 

And it became my destiny to write my way to success. And so, here I’m, writing to prove that I’m not normal. To prove that I belong to this world.


Let my writing flourish through the ages.


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