A dreamy afternoon nap


                         It was hot and sultry afternoon when I sat contently in a couch, under an able air conditioner, a cool beverage in my hand. It was a beautiful life. I had just about everything i could ever ask for. Sure, I had wild dreams of becoming the President of my country But who doesn’t? But then, when I look back, I feel I’ve actually done a pretty good job with my life. I mean, I got out of school, went to college and its almost over except for the final exams which I’m sure to clear. I didn’t suck in studies like I thought I would. Then, friends, I actually made some real good buddies who will definitely stick by me no matter what. I gotta good life, good people around me, good family and good enough money to go after my dream and flourish in it. Yeah! I’m actually getting the hang on life.

            I actually got a good taste or so I’ve heard. People have complimented me on my dressing. I talk like a politician they say. I know to get my way in any situations. I know to survive past any quest that come in my way. At this point I’m guessing that I’ve qualified to become a common man. Now, that is what angers me. Because..you know, I’ve got this feeling inside that I’m living a good life and then, all of a sudden, I get this qualification that I’m a common man. Is this what I deserve after long years of trying to get better at life. 

            I was like thinking hard for long hours. The sun still scorching, the air cooler working furious and the untouched glass of beverage still in my hand, still cold. I never wanted to be a common man. I wanted to achieve eternal glory. I always wanted my name to be sung throughout the ages with praise. I wanted my fame to be told in folktales through the ages.I thought it was my destiny to be someone. And it will be mighty bad if a boy who believed in his destiny from the moment he was born was told that it was, in fact, a lie. Destiny is not written, it is sculptured by the one who lives it. Destiny is choosing the path of your dreams and making sure it ends on a destination.

               Very few people do that. It takes courage beyond reason and belief beyond the world to do something like that. At one point in anybody’s life, there’s this option. You get to be someone you like or you get to be someone like everybody. The ones who choose the second one gets to be someone alright.  He gets to be the one who wastes his talent and gift in something that is totally not meant for him. And for the one that chooses the first one, life’s different. Life’s full of difficulty. Life’s filled with hardship and misery. Its full of people wanting to bring you down. But then, its like a dark tunnel, there’s light at the end of it and all you gotta do is go on towards it no matter what. Its like this: The moment you start believing that you’ve wasted your entire life chasing some stupid dream, that is the moment success hides behind the iron curtain. Not everybody can do it. I guess that is why its actually called success and to be successful, you gotta be beyond reason. 

                       If you look at everyone who has achieved greatness, they would all have one thing in common: weird thinking. They always had a different way of looking at the world. I mean, lets take Copernicus for an example, in ancient Rome, the Romans believed that the earth was the centre of our solar system and the sun revolved around it. Copernicus had the guts to say that the sun is the dead centre and in fact, all the other planets revolve around it. He was laughed at, made fun of and criticized for being a fool. But what did happen eventually? The earth seemed to revolve around the sun as a matter of fact. George Mallory, the first man to scale the Mt.Everest was once asked “Why do you bother?” and he politely said,” Because its there”. I guess every great men  had the guts to be different in his thought. And that made him great.

                       I’m not saying everyone should listen to their heart and follow it. I’m just saying if you gotta thing you really love, just don’t let it go. I mean, I can’t even start to wonder if everyone happens to follow his dream, it would be hard finding a cab to drive us to the airport, wouldn’t it? 

                       So, I just wanna end my siesta dream by saying that not everybody can be great. It takes more than just a common man to achieve. And those who are poised to achieve greatness, don’t you dare give up on your dream. Its a once in a ten lifetime opportunity. 

                    I think by now, you guys will pretty much be wondering about how actually I happen to come in possession of such a thought. I guess, all my life I’ve tried to be normal. People used to call me different, eccentric and one even went as far as calling me a weird person. I tried a lot to be like other guys around me. Walk like a normal guy, talk like a normal guy, look at things like a normal guy. But then, after years of hard work, now I get the idea. I don’t wanna be normal. I wanna be different. I wanna be unique.And I don’t care if I end up as the only dog in the wolf pack, I’ll be happy as long as people think I’m different. I’ll be happy as long as people think I’ve done something different with my life that they did not do.

Thank you and happy weekend folks!


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