Am I Happy?

What is happiness?
Happiness is..
When you eat your favorite chocolate
when you buy a beautiful dress
when you get a cool phone
when you win a bet with your friends
when you see your friends cheering for you in your game
when you watch your favorite movie
when you get the bike of your dreams
when you show off to your friends and they think you are cool
when a pretty girl at a bus stop looks and smiles at you
when you get a job
when a girl says ,”I love you”.

I don’t know….these are happy moments..moments to cherish forever..moments to be happy and thankful for..
but then..these aren’t true happiness
Happiness comes from the heart and the soul and not just from the heart.
True happiness is beyond description. It is beyond being happy. It pierces the soul and touches one’s inner self. It brings out real tears and real changes in people.
Its a feeling that cam only be felt and not expressed.

when a friend gives you a friendly hug and says ,”Hey man…i gotta say something..thanks for everything”.
when a father looks at his son and declares, “I’m proud of you, my son”.
when a mother hugs her son..eyes filled with happiness
when a brother or sister says to you,”you are the best brother i could ever ask for”.
when your love looks you in the eye and say,”you are my one reason for my existence”.
when a foe looks at you with that respect on his face.
when the world looks up to you for inspiration.

Its what true happiness is. Happiness lies in having a reason for existence.aa


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