Love you forever and ever..till the death of time itself,my love



How many of you people can face rejection in its purest form?Not getting a job is rejection. Not being in the starting XI of your team is rejection. Not getting what you want from your parents in rejection. If you call this rejection, what would you call being rejected by the only girl you ever loved..the one being you loved for the past 6 years?

Would you sit in a corner and sob all day?Would you scream out that the world is unfair and cry? Would you take it like a man and stand there like a stone?


I decided to take it like a man. I simply stood like someone who has no heart and stared defeat in its eyes and said,” You can break me but you can never stop me”. 

Yes, i don’t stop for no reason. I don’t stop even if there happens to be a reason. I go on and on, with or without you. 

That doesn’t mean i don’t love you. It doesn’t mean i don’t care anymore. It doesn’t mean i won’t be there anymore. I means i love you more. I care for you more. I’ll be there at the end of it no matter what. It means that i’m wise to let you go when i understand that i can’t have you anymore. I understood that you are not mine to keep. All i don’t understand is why? 

What did i not do to not deserve you? Where did i go wrong in my quest to love you? I thought the beauty in love is the truth in it. I thought that the truth in love is believing in it. All these years, i believed i will see you again and i believed that you are the only girl i could ever love truly. 


Maybe its God’s way of telling that i don’t deserve her. Its His way of telling that He has another person in mind for me. Its His way of telling that He has got my life’s path laid for me and she was never meant to be part in it, probably a thorn in it. Maybe He’s daring me to get past this pain. Maybe its His way of preparing me to face life. Maybe its His way of testing me if i have what it takes to live up to his expectations. 

I will prove him in fact that i’ve got more than what it takes to live up to his expectation. It ain’t the end of my world just the end of my soul.


I shall rise again….


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