True Victory

I like BMW, Audi and other luxurious cars that I see occasionally in my city. I envy those who have the money and the taste to buy one of those. I can’t have them as I’m a middle class man. I can afford a decent car though. But for the past few months, I’ve decided to renounce the luxuries and live the life of a common man. I’ve started living in a cheap apartment, in a poor neighborhood around people who’s biggest complaint in life is to pay for the next meal. I started using public transport, ate out at cheap establishments and moved with people well below my social status.

Life seemed different, I didn’t get to go to places where I usually visit. I didn’t get to do a lot of my usual stuffs. But somehow, life seemed good. People had very less to give yet highly charitable. People who couldn’t help themselves helped me. I was among people who actually cared. I was among people who protected me. They did not expect anything in return, not money, not help, they simply helped each other out. They believed that the best way to get better is to co-exist. It was beautiful. In my world, where I come from, the best was to live is to eliminate your competition. I have been taught to come first in everything I do. I was taught to win competitions. I was not taught to help people who compete with us. I was not taught that every person has a heart and winning the heart is more important that winning the battle.


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